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Revealing York Minster in the Undercroft opening soon

Revealing York Minster in the Undercroft

In this brand new experience within the underground chambers of York Minster, history is alive and breathing: a rare place where all times co-exist. Walk in the footsteps of Roman soldiers, discover dramatic events that threatened the existence of the Minster, and explore the lives of the people, past and present, who have made this one of the greatest cathedrals in the world.

Dynamic new audiovisual and interactive galleries reveal the significance behind York Minster’s treasures as never before, in an inspirational, two thousand-year heroic, historic and human journey.

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About York Minster Revealed

The York Minster Revealed project is a five-year project scheduled for completion in early summer 2016. It is the largest restoration and conservation project of its kind in the UK. The cost of the whole York Minster Revealed Project is £20 million, of which £10.5m has been generously supported with a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF). The remainder of the fund has been raised by York Minster.†